Re: [EPP-discuss] EPP status presentation from registrar meeting in Århus/Denmark 2011-05-04

From: Jonas B. Nielsen <>
Date: Fri, 6 May 2011 11:47:06 +0200

Hi Patrik,

Thank you, I am sorry if I mixed up the responses.

To all,

I am employed with DK Hostmaster as such I have no opinion on the registry model used in Denmark apart from my personal opinion, which I for obvious reasons do not want to share here.

But that said I am really open to discussion of many aspects of EPP and related, as long as we can keep it sober, technical and constructive. I am very much aware that we might have differing political, cultural and technical opinions. I am however for openness and I am looking very much forward to getting going with the EPP project and I am looking forward to doing a project in direct dialog with the potential clients, as a software developer this is most certainly a plus.

Jonas Brømsø Nielsen
Software Developer at DK Hostmaster A/S
+45 31546056
On 06/05/2011, at 11.22, Patrik Fältström wrote:
> On 6 maj 2011, at 11.11, Jonas B. Nielsen wrote:
>> I understand, but a discussion of change of registrar model is beyond the scope of this list.
> Note that I just asked about the epp protocol...I agree that the model is not to be discussed.
>   Patrik
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