Re: [EPP-discuss] Draft EPP Specification rev. 1.0 and invitation to meeting/workshop

From: Teddy Hogeborn <>
Date: Fri, 02 Nov 2012 10:38:02 +0100

"Jonas B. Nielsen" <> writes:

> > > I have seen examples of both, but our validator keeps complaining
> > > about the dkhm-host:responsible object.
> > >
> > > XML parsing failed xmlns:dkhm-host: 'urn:dkhm:params:xml:ns:dkhm-host-1.0 xsi:schemaLocation="urn:dkhm:params:xml:ns:dkhm-host-1.0 dkhm-host-1.0.xsd"' is not a valid URI
> >
> > The problem of mapping URIs to schema file locations is up to the
> > validator, and should not be an issue for disussion here.
> Well we do validation of all requests received, incoming for
> production and incoming and outgoing for development

By "the validator" I meant the program which does the validation.
Therefore, I meant that how you, the .DK registry, should interface with
the validator program is not an issue for discussion on this list.

> > 2. Should probably be refering to its name in the correct namespace by
> > writing name="host:create" and adding
> > xmlns:host="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:host-1.0" to the root element.
> got it to work

See below.

> > 3. Probably must use the XML Schema <restriction> element.
> I am experiencing issues with this for complexTypes, but it might be
> me.

I am worried by what you are implying here; I don't want to have one XML
Schema for .dk and one for other EPP standard servers.

/Teddy Hogeborn

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