[EPP-discuss] Wishlist

From: Eva Frölich <eva_at_frobbit.se>
Date: Mon, 05 Nov 2012 16:27:15 +0100

If we are talking wishlist - my wish is that the .dk EPP can support all
normal events that happens during a domains lifecycle, ie:

renewal (upon request and when the holder so request, not automatic)
update of DNSSEC keys
change of holder, admin, billing and tech
change of registrar (yes, DK-hostmaster need to understand that the
world outside of DK-Hostmaster believe .dk also work with Registrars)

I read that DK-Hostmaster want the EPP to be as little .dk specific as
possible which is positive. To make that happpen DK-Hostmaster also need
to understand that the world of domain names to which we all belong work
with Registrars and that DK-Hostmaster also need to adopt that.

I do also think DK-Hostmaster should consider to take a discussion with
Telestyrelsen about changing the law so that what is normally covered in
the agreements between registry/registrar/registrant is not hardcoded i
law - as it currently is in Denmark.

/ Eva

> From: "Jørgen Thomsen" <jth_at_jth.net>
> Subject: [EPP-discuss] Wishlist
> Date: 2 november 2012 19:59:50 GMT-02:00
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> Hi
> My primary wishes for the wishlist are the following
> 1) renew
> The EPP renew command and the domain update command for changing the billing contact
> 2) redelegation
> The EPP domain update command for changing / removing hosts
> 3) address changes
> The EPP command for update contact
> E.g. this model:
> The WHOIS is showing a subset of data fields e.g. not the email address
> All the contact data fields are accessible through the EPP system for the registrars
> All data fields except name can be changed by the registrars.
> Changing the name is either not allowed or is queueing the change into another system.
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