[EPP-discuss] The principle of the DKH EPP implementation

From: Jørgen Thomsen <jth_at_jth.net>
Date: Fri, 09 Nov 2012 20:38:06 +0100

As i see it, the basic idea of EPP is being a realtime system with a way of providing
asynchronous information to the clients about operations initiated by the registry (e.g.
deletions after expiration etc.)

For the benefit of further discussions on this list I think it is important to remember that DK
Hostmaster publicly has stated that

        "EPP is only considered a frontend to the existing system"

i.e. submitting the current email form in another way in another syntax

This is contrary to what other registries have done, when implementing EPP.

They have revised their business logic and old batch-oriented architecture and implemented a
realtime system with new business logic.

Unfortunately we see no intention at DK Hostmaster to change the business logic to better
support EPP (obvious candidate: renewal and invoicing)

It is thus obvious that when EPP is being implemented as a frontend to a batch-oriented system
without changing the workflow of this system, then some functions will be difficult, if not
impossible to implement.

It is in this light we have to see our requests for a better and more complete implementation of
EPP at the .DK registry.
As long as DK Hostmaster is not intending to change anything in the business logic, then a full
EPP implementation is not possible.

Request for improvements cannot be fulfilled unless a way to implement them easily in the
current system is possible.

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