Re: [EPP-discuss] domain:info Command not working ?

From: Peter Larsen <>
Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2013 11:20:40 -0500

> I mean, it can't really get much worse than the e-mail system :)

You HAD to say that? :P

It can get much worse :)

Imagine this:
Mail gw breaks, EPP still works..
EPP gw breaks.. Other customers buys the domains you have in queue.
Code breaks from version to version due to changes in NS, on "sudden unannounced updates"
All data is not equal, and result in different behaviour by the EPP/mailgw.

But basically, i'll prefer a minimum EPP registration system that can be improved (read, more features, not actually working state) over time, and get rid of the email and replace it with a webform for smaller registrars in a secure environment. Eventually do every operation "live", and not queued.

We have two issues, a political issue, and a technical issue, lets try to keep them apart, but they are interconnected.
Both are addressed by members of the union every year, and i would very much invite everyone thats not a member of dk-registrar to join. More members, stronger voice.

I'm still worried that dkhm just changed the billing system not that many years ago, and it still seems very incapable of doing what a billing system is supposed to do. EPP renew command comes into my mind here.

I'm worried that someday someone figure out what i know about the email form, and abuses it since it has no security. I lost count on how many times this have been said by me, my staff or other people directly to dkhm.

I'm worried about building an EPP system from scratch, only a few survives.. Did you look at cocca?

I'm worried about limitations, especially up front limitations. It's not rocket science.

I'm worried that dkhm don't want to actually help their customers (the domain owners). it's not a sole/shared registry question, but making it right, it can be mixed to a better flavour to meet the requirements for the "sole registry security feeling" (that i do not agree with). I dont care about the need to change the rules, rules are made to be changed, the internet is not static.

I'm worried about the lack of policy around the mailgw/EPP on what to do in a event of failure of the one system.

My wish is that John would take EPP discussions with a group of registrars on a regular basis (dkregistrar/anyone) and in that sense improve the EPP interface, and get rid of all the alpha bugs. I have requested this at so manny occasions and meetings that I lost count.

Transparency, where are we going, the road ahead, how long time to arrive at what point and what to expect. If we had that, the frustrations would be far less. Updating us on registrar meeting with "projects" is not helping.

I do not consider the EPP system to be production ready, please take it down the production system until future testing have been done.

regards, Peter Larsen - ICANN Accredited registrar

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