Re: [EPP-discuss] IDN domains registration?

From: Peter Larsen <>
Date: Thu, 7 Nov 2013 10:17:05 +0100

On 07 Nov 2013, at 09:42, Jonas B. Nielsen <> wrote:

> Hi Peter,
> The issue is that you reusing your clTRID (client transaction identifier). This has to be unique if your want a response from us. We are aware that the EPP specification is a bit unclear on this topic, but we regard transactional integrity as important in this particular case.

unique for me or unique for all?

howcome it be an issue after doing

create contact
host info (5 times)
create domain (here it fails)

if you want it unique for every "session", why am i able to login (but then restricted in commands) ?

if you want it unique for every command, why can i do 7 commands with the same clTRID ?

Or is it just the domain create that fails due to it making an order and that haves to be unique (i can see my clTRID was not working properly, but i don't like the idea that an order can fail if i reuse an id by accident)

> As for punycode notation for domain names, this should not be necessary since we support UTF-8, I am reluctant to implementing this, but if there are a overweight of EPP users requesting this, I will look into supporting this.

i'm just adding an ascii2idn($domain) so i really don't care, but for sake of being sane, i only do ascii locally, so +1 for allowing it

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