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From: Ashley La Bolle | EPAG Domainservices GmbH <>
Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2014 15:09:13 +0100

Hi all,

I already responded directly to DK Hostmaster on this but figured I
could post my response here to open up discussion!

For us, the major issue that we run into with the current DK systems is
that the management of domains after registration is almost completely
manual. We have clients with a large number of DK domains in their
portfolios (since the registration is automated), but after
registration, all changes have to be made manually. This requires a
large time investment and in the end increases costs. At the top of our
list is the management of contacts and nameservers on existing domains.
When I refer to managing contacts I mean both updating the contact
details within a contact as well as attaching a new contact to a domain.
The sooner we can bring these processes to standard EPP, the better.

Especially important for any changes to the renewal command is that we
receive notice well in advance of any changes. We are very much in favor
of implementing a renewal command but these kinds of changes can require
a lot of recoding for some systems. With the large amount of development
work already required for ICANN compliancy and New gTLDs, we would
prefer at least 2 months advanced notice (including a detailed
description of the changes) before any changes to the renewal structure
are implemented.

+1 to Patrik's first point: Since we offer DK domains as a registrar, we
often run into issues with the logic of the domain roles. The best
example here is that of billing. We are the billing contact for our
client's domains. The registrant however has the right to make changes
to the billing term of their domain. Therefore the client can change the
billing term to 5 years and to our knowledge the billing term is still
set to one year. The registrant then gets 4 years of renewals at our
expense. We have to manually proof the billing terms to try to make sure
the client is billed for the proper term. We'd prefer that only the
billing contact could modify the registration term.

We haven't seen much interest in DNSSEC. I honestly wouldn't mind seeing
that implemented last!

This wasn't in the list of upcoming changes, but I would love to have a
place in our registry account where I can log in to view:
- recent changes/patches/known bugs including any new technical manuals
- the timeline for upcoming changes and a description of what to expect
- current and planned maintenance or outages on registry systems - for
both live and sandbox environments.


Am 19.02.2014 14:46, schrieb Patrik Fältström:
> 1. Do not allow access to the registry from other parties than registrars
> Any access to the registry without going via the registrar create
> situations where the state of a domain is inconsistent between the
> registry and registrar. If that happens, it is unclear who has the
> responsibility to deliver a secure and stable service to the end user.
> 2. Ensure you support standard epp
> Remove all features and inventions of DK Hostmaster that is incompatible
> with the epp standards.
> Patrik
> On 2014-02-19 14:38, Jonas B. Nielsen wrote:
>> Høring om prioritering af nye EPP funktioner hos DK Hostmaster
>> DK Hostmaster ønsker at optimere EPP-servicen ved at implementere otte nye EPP-funktioner. For at implementeringen kan foregå på en måde, så det bliver mest gavnligt for jer registratorer, ønsker vi en tilbagemelding om, to forhold. Hvilken nytte har de forskellige funktioner for jer, altså om I vil bruge dem, og hvilken rækkefølge kunne I ønske jer, at implementeringen skal foregå i?
>> I tilbydes derfor at gennemgå funktionerne i vedhæftede specifikation og tilbagemelde en evt. ønsket rækkefølge inden d. 14. marts 2014 Vi vil derefter forsøge at tilgodese jeres ønsker så vidt det er muligt i forhold til vores Generelle Vilkår og de nye krav i den nye domænelov.
>> Processen
>> De otte funktioner vil blive implementeret løbende over 2014 og 2015. Der vil ved hver release blive opsat et testmiljø, som I kan afprøve i, inden funktionen sættes i drift. Der vil komme en teknisk specifikation i forbindelse med hver implementering. I kan følge processen og få information om testmiljøet ved at følge maillisten EPP.
>> Vi ser frem til at modtage jeres ønsker til en implementeringsrækkefølge.
>> De bedste hilsner,
>> DK Hostmaster
>> Hearing on the prioritization of new EPP features
>> DK Hostmaster wish to optimize the EPP service by implementing eight new EPP functions. To make it most beneficial for the registrars we would like your feedback on two things: To which use each release has to you, and in which order you think the releases should be in.
>> We therefore offer you to review the EPP functions in the attached specification and send back a desired order within March 14th 2014 We will then try to accommodate your wishes as far as possible in relation to our Terms and Conditions and the new requirements in the new Danish Domain law.
>> The process
>> The eight releases will be implemented during 2014 and 2015. In each case a test environment will be set up so that you can test the functions before put in to operation. The releases will be accompanied by a technical specification. You can follow the process and get more information about the test environment by following the EPP mail list.
>> We look forward to receive your wishes to a release order.
>> Best regards,
>> DK Hostmaster
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