Re: [EPP-discuss] mailform parse400/parse500 email adresses for testing

From: Peter Larsen <>
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2014 09:46:08 +0100

> No worries. Would you like us to add a general registry operations discussion list to the mix, besides the ones for the specific services?

honestly, no.. :)

>> So, I have sent, every time i used a mailform for anything since 17 august 2014, a copy to for testing the new form, with a reply-to and a from my email address so I could see any new parseable replies. Including a copy of what i sent to myself for easy debugging.
>> I never received a single reply.
> My guess is that the addres you're using,, is not your real address and may have something to do with not receiving a reply.

doh… <facepalm>.. thanks..!

regards, Peter Larsen
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