Re: [EPP-discuss] Self-service - performance and bug situation

From: Andreas Schraut-Petto <>
Date: Thu, 4 Feb 2016 08:35:19 +0100

Hi All,

beside of the reported problems - it seems that no all features from the
"old" Self-Service are implemented into the new one.

I still miss the tool to check if a nameserver is approved by
DK-Hostmaster as well as a tool to check if the dns configuration is good.

Currently, it's a gamble to work with the Self-Service, and that affects
our complete operating business -.-

Best regards,

Am 04.02.2016 um 08:29 schrieb Ståle Schumacher:
> Niels Haarbo wrote:
>> Thanks to everyone using our new self-service. We are very happy with
>> the design and layout.
> The design and layout are all right, but that doesn't help much when
> nothing actually works. :-(
>> Every reported problem will be investigated and solved
> When? This is the 4th day where we have been effectively blocked out
> from the self-service. We have 131 requests pending that we are not able
> to confirm, because your service does not work!
>> This afternoon around 3 pm. we solved a performance problem that
>> affected a number of our users. Many users reported very high load
>> times on simple pages like the front and login page, something we hope
>> are history by now.
> The response time has definitely improved, but still we are:
> 1. Not able to view our list of domain names or name servers (error1.png).
> 2. Not able to confirm any requests to take on the role as proxy or
> payer (error2.png).
> We have emailed you at both and
> and at your individual email addresses, but still
> no response from none of you. And the one person within your
> organization that we could rely on and contact directly when we had a
> problem in the past (Susanne), she has quit.
> What kind of organization are you? This is simply unacceptable.
> Regards,
> Ståle Schumacher
> Domeneshop AS
> Christian Krohgs gate 16
> 0186 Oslo, Norway
> Tel (+47) 03333 / Fax (+47) 22943334
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