Re: [EPP-discuss] Self-service - performance and bug situation

From: Patrik Fältström <>
Date: Thu, 04 Feb 2016 08:58:08 +0100

On 4 Feb 2016, at 8:53, Peter Larsen wrote:

> please remove the dnscheck from the delegation!

And, if I want to explicitly set up a lame delegation (or do something
else whacky), I should be able to do so.

I am extremely annoyed over registries that claim they know better than
I what kind of service I am to provide to my customers. In reality, the
work-arounds required to live up to the requirements registries invent
create much worse situations than what the original intent by the
registry was.

That said, as Peter said, if the registry want to provide a summary or
list of domains or whatever that have certain issues, then the registry
can do so. As long as I can as registrar ignore them. If I want to. I
have been looking at for example the lists provided by .SE, and in a few
cases I have found errors thanks to the test by .SE, so they have helped
me. Although in 99% of the cases what .SE report as "errors" are things
that are part of the design of the service I provide. And I completely
ignore the issues.

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