RE: [EPP-discuss] Self-service - performance and bug situation

From: Boris Fernandez <>
Date: Thu, 4 Feb 2016 09:01:58 +0000

.SE did a great job. I am more happy to receive notification from them about a zone not setup accordingly to their recommendation than to get a domain name removed due to non DNS compliance, whatever that mean...

I guess some NICs just want to be RFCs compliant... too look smart and pro... even with a crap EPP and frontend not capable to list a large portfolio without tiiming out. Apparently it is much more important to bother our customers with their DNS or to lipstick the web panel than to review the NIC database structure..


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Hi Patrik,

> On 04 Feb 2016, at 08:58, Patrik Fältström <> wrote:
> On 4 Feb 2016, at 8:53, Peter Larsen wrote:
>> please remove the dnscheck from the delegation!
> And, if I want to explicitly set up a lame delegation (or do something else whacky), I should be able to do so.
> I am extremely annoyed over registries that claim they know better than I what kind of service I am to provide to my customers. In reality, the work-arounds required to live up to the requirements registries invent create much worse situations than what the original intent by the registry was.
> That said, as Peter said, if the registry want to provide a summary or list of domains or whatever that have certain issues, then the registry can do so. As long as I can as registrar ignore them. If I want to. I have been looking at for example the lists provided by .SE, and in a few cases I have found errors thanks to the test by .SE, so they have helped me. Although in 99% of the cases what .SE report as "errors" are things that are part of the design of the service I provide. And I completely ignore the issues.

This is exactly what is planned and we’ll be leaning heavily on the work done by .SE and AFnic on zonemaster, and TRTF not the least, to find out what recommendations (not requirements) we’ll check for, and methods of reporting these to our registrars. A large number of checks have been removed when applying for a redelegation in the new self-service, although you won’t see the benefit (yet) when using the old anonymous form.


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