Re: [EPP-discuss] Forthcoming feature releases of the EPP service: renew

From: Tom Sommer <>
Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2016 13:26:25 +0000

If we are required to set ourselves as billing-c -> perform the renew -> unset ourselves as billing-c, this function becomes essentially useless to us and to our customers, it will be nothing but a headache for them and us.

We need to be able to renew a domain even if we are not billing-c, which is how EPP normally works - since the permission to renew is usually held by the <clID>, and not the billing-c. Since DKHM does not have a <clID> concept, a reasonable compromise would that any registrar can perform a renew on any domain, until a better permission-scheme is found.

Since YOU are performing the EPP-RENEW command, you do not need a poll about it, if someone else performs a renew on a domain to which you are attached, or the customer/DKHM does, an epp-poll should be issued to you.

It would be nice if the procedure regarding who is billed (the registrar issuing the renewal, and not the billing-c) could be further explained in the draft, just for clarity.

Just my thoughts.

Tom Sommer (via OWA)
Zitcom A/S
From: Ashley La Bolle | EPAG Domainservices GmbH <>
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To: Tom Sommer
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Subject: Re: [EPP-discuss] Forthcoming feature releases of the EPP service: renew
Hi Tom,
would the billing-c be notified via EPP of the expiration date change?
We don't troll registries for 'unexpected changes' in the expiration date so if the expiration date was just bumped forward, we would be left with a mismatch bewteen ourselves and the registry. Even worse, I would have no explanation for our customers for how this happened...
Am 13.04.2016 um 14:08 schrieb Tom Sommer:
That's not how it would work. The person doing the renew would be billed. Not the billing contact.
Tom Sommer (via iPhone)
On 13. apr. 2016, at 14.00, Ashley La Bolle | EPAG Domainservices GmbH <<>> wrote:
Hi all,
I have to agree with Benny here... I don't want to run into the situation where someone else can send a command to renew a domain but I (as the billing contact) am charged for the renewal. Because the DK automation is so asynchronous, that renewal information wouldn't be correctly registered in our system so there's a good chance we would be billed but wouldn't know to charge the client.
It just gets very messy :)
Am 13.04.2016 um 13:33 schrieb Benny Samuelsen - ISPHuset Nordic AS:
I don’t agree we do not want a situation like Joker where anyone can renew a domain.
It will be a mess if the domain are not connected to a billing handle we can connect to our registrar somehow
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> On 13 Apr 2016, at 13:29, Rieke Poppe -<> <><> wrote:
> Hello,
> sounds good. Only comment from here is that I think we should skip the requirement of being billing contact to do a renew command.
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> best regards
> Rieke Poppe (RM)
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> On 13/04/16 09:17, Jonas Nielsen wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> We are starting to work on our EPP road map shortly. As previously announced we plan to do a series of feature releases, each holding a single feature.
>> First feature we are looking into is renew based on the feedback provided to us by users of our EPP service.
>> I have updated our EPP specification as a draft describing this first feature. The draft is available here:
>> The additional drafts will be in separate branches and upon implementation the branch will be merged into the released specification.
>> Discussion on the feature are most welcome here on the list, you can also write directly to me, but the first will be appreciated, to keep an open discussion and getting feedback archived publicly.
>> Spelling errors etc. can be sent to me or offered via merge request on Github.
>> Looking forward to your feedback,
>> jonasbn
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