Re: [EPP-discuss] EPP nameserver admin draft proposal

From: Variomedia AG - Marten Lehmann <>
Date: Tue, 17 May 2016 17:27:04 +0200


> I have written up a draft for the specification for the unimplemented commands related to manipulation of host objects:

the create host command is definitely something I'm missing for a while.
But when you go for EPP now, wouldn't that be the best moment to get rid
of the host contact (dkhm:requestedNsAdmin in the draft)?

I don't see a real world use case for a host contact. However, I see the
typical use case proofing that the contact nowadays isn't used in the
way it was originally intended. As a hosting company and domain
registrar, we register domain names on behalf of our customers
worldwide. If somebody needs to contact us, then surely not because we
are listed as a host contact. Most TLD models don't even include a host

So when we use our nameservers for the delegation of a .dk domain name,
then this is the only case when the .dk host contact actually contains
valid information: Our contact details. However, these are given in the
technical contact as well, so it's sort of redundant.

In most other cases though, for example when the registrant asks as to
use nameservers of GoDaddy, SquareSpace, 1&1, any other ISP or just
virtual nameservers of our resellers and they don't exist yet, then we
will create those hosts necessarily and we will use our own contact for
the mandatory host contact, because we simply have no clue who might be
the actual host contact. And even though we are listed as a host contact
for several hosts of other ISPs due to this policy for several years
(and we really have no capability of managing other ISPs nameservers),
no one contacted us so far.

So instead of adding the dkhm:requestedNsAdmin extension on the host
create command, please just abandon this historic piece of the data model.

Kind regards
Marten Lehmann

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