[EPP-discuss] RE: EPP Service version 2.2.3 now available in production

From: Tom Sommer - Zitcom A/S <ts_at_zitcom.dk>
Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2016 13:40:20 +0000

Okay, so it’s hidden for tomsommer.dk because my contact is anonymous, fair enough (I guess), but for unoeuro.dk I can only see admin-c?

How do you expect us to return billing-c to its original handle once we have done the EPP renew, if we cannot see the handle before we do a renew?

Tom Sommer
CTO at UnoEuro A/S, a Zitcom A/S company

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From: Tom Sommer - Zitcom A/S [mailto:ts_at_zitcom.dk]
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Subject: [EPP-discuss] RE: EPP Service version 2.2.3 now available in production

Sooo, here we go:

Doing a domain:info on tomsommer.dk, I get a serverRenewProhibited status and I am unable to see the billing contact? Why?

Tom Sommer
CTO at UnoEuro A/S, a Zitcom A/S company

Phone: +45 69 10 60 09


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Subject: [EPP-discuss] EPP Service version 2.2.3 now available in production

Hello all,

We have now opened op for access to the new production environment for EPP service release 2.2.3.

The environment is available at:

epp2.dk-hostmaster.dk<http://epp2.dk-hostmaster.dk> on port 700

The new service offers the following new functionality:

- Ad hoc domain renewal (Renew Domain)
- Creation of nameserver (Create Host)
- Update of nameserver (Update Host)
- Deletion of nameserver (Delete Host)
- Update user data (Update Contact)
- Extension to domain information (Info Domain)
- Update of domain (Update Domain) for change nameservers, change billing and admin contacts, update of DNSSEC data
- Extensions to messages for retrieval via EPP and the Poll command, for the above commands

The updated service also contains several bug fixes and performance enhancements.

The service is also still available in a sandbox environment available at:

eps-evaluation.dk-hostmaster.dk<http://eps-evaluation.dk-hostmaster.dk> on port 700

Where the service can be evaluated in a non-destructive setup

The environment is available in parallel to the existing EPP service environment available at:

epp.dk-hostmaster.dk<http://epp2.dk-hostmaster.dk> on port 700

And complementary sandbox:

epp-sandbox.dk-hostmaster.dk<http://epp2.dk-hostmaster.dk> on port 700

If you experience any issues do not hesitate to contact us,

Have a nice day,



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