DK Hostmaster changes DNSSEC key

From: Erwin Lansing <>
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 2015 17:29:33 +0100

DK Hostmaster will change the DNSSEC key for the dk zone, a so-called KSK rollover, early November.

The current key, id 61294, has been in use for one year and will now be changed for operational and security reasons.

The new key has id 25055:

;DS record (SHA1):
dk. 86400 IN DS 25055 8 1 29d37b78da21c4c0baaf84b7ee3b3529951fd689

;DS record (SHA256):
dk. 86400 IN DS 25055 8 2 9cfc79a705a6fd1ec2fe6d81faad85ebbda8eb30eb7d4c7f3dea09587f0844f1

If you’re validating DNSSEC directly with DK Hostmaster’s key, please add the new key before the rollover, after which the old key can be removed after a transition period. Vi do recommend to validate against the root zone instead.

This rollover is only relevant for those who run their own DNS infrastructure with DNSSEC validation. Domain owners with a DNSSEC signed domain do not need to change anything; your ISP will take care of it for you.

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