Anonymous redelegation change

From: Jonas Brømsø Nielsen <>
Date: Wed, 28 Sep 2016 08:32:37 +0000


Our anonymous redelegation feature has been moved out from our website to a separate service. The reasons for doing are plenty but the most important one it the elimination of the tight coupling to our CMS for a service, which bears more resemblance to an API, than a functionality to host under a CMS.

The migration however holds some pitfalls, we have aimed to be backwards compatible, but their might be some issues we have overlooked in the reimplementation proces, where we are using another language, framework and new components.

The feature is a legacy feature and does not follow todays best practices on how to develop a feature of this category and this gives some issues in regard to interaction and error handling.

The significant visible changes are:

- The service has changed address to:
- The nameserver check is new and error messages are rendered differently

And as stated there might be other minor differences or issues,

So please let us now if you experience any issues and we will try to accommodate as quickly as possible at either:

- or the tech-discuss list (subscription:

Have a nice day,


Med venlig hilsen/Best Regards
Jonas B. Nielsen
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