Update of EPP XSD files to version 2.1

From: Jonas Brømsø Nielsen <jonasbn_at_dk-hostmaster.dk>
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2018 10:42:15 +0000

Hello EPP-users,

We have pushed an update of the EPP XSD fileset.

Unfortunately the standard password type specified in the schema file from RFC:5730 (https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc5730) does not comply with the password policy used in DK Hostmaster A/S.

Based on a change proposal from a customer we have patched the relevant schema file, meaning that the standard schema file now diverges from the standard.

It has not been possible for us to adopt the change using either the XML schema features: redefine or overwrite, due to issues with our XML toolchain - we are still investigating this.

This mean the file: epp-1.0.xsd currently is different from the one described in RFC:5730.

We are working on implementing this fix in a different manner.

- An alternativ authentication mechanism to username / password
- Changes to our XML toolchain, so the patch can be applied properly, without influencing the standard schema file

The patched XSD fileset is available at:

        https://github.com/DK-Hostmaster/epp-xsd-files <https://github.com/DK-Hostmaster/epp-xsd-files>

Until we have proper solution this is the work-around we have applied.

Do note that the EPP service is not updated with the patch at this time, an announcement of the update of the EPP service will follow, when it is completed.

Have a nice day,

Med venlig hilsen,

Jonas B. Nielsen
Product Manager

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