Status on the Registrar Portal

From: Jonas Brømsø Nielsen <>
Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2018 20:10:10 +0000

Based on feedback from our registrars, It has come to our attention, that we have not been completely clear in our communication on the status of the registrar portal and changes introduced to the recent updates influencing the registrar portal and related services.

I will try to give a brief overview here, to assist you in your adoption and use of the registrar portal.

IP Whitelisting is not operational at this time, we expect it to be within a foreseeable future. Until then please contact us via email via <> for IP whitelisting and changes to your currently IP whitelisting and these will be expedited by our operations team.

Service profiles, users created for access to EPP, DAS and DSU are not fully operational at this point, we are conducting some tests on the involved services and will deploy releases of all services supporting the service profiles, more information will follow as these tests are concluded and deployments are completed. The good news are that the tests have positive results.

The registrar portal is operational. We have received some issue reports, which we are looking into and it seems some bugs have slipped through our quality assurance proces, we are sorry about any inconvenience this might have caused, we are woking hard on getting these addressed as fast as possible.

Three aspects might require special mention:

The proxy/admin role is not as fully supported as we would like it to be, the privileges given to this role are yet not as widely available as the setup we want to offer. We are working on changing this with our upcoming releases. We have prioritised all related issues and are aimed at providing the most value first. This means that constraints on the role are currently more restricted than what we aim for.

The linking of WHOIS users, mean that the users can no longer access the self-service portal aimed at end-users. This is by design, since we want the linked WHOIS users to be administered via the registrar portal and portal users. If you regret linking a WHOIS user-id or want to try out this particular feature you can always unlink the particular WHOIS user and then link the WHOIS users again when you want to administer it via the registrar portal.

We are still observering issues with performance, and we do have a remedy using an implementation of back-ground process handling. We have prioritised our features requiring this improved performance handling and are working on porting these features. These improvements will become available in the upcoming releases.

If you have questions to particular features or experience issues, please do not hesitate to contact us via <>.

Have a nice weekend,

Med venlig hilsen,

Jonas B. Nielsen
Product Manager

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