Updates to EPP service specification and EPP service XSD file

From: Jonas Brømsø Nielsen <jonasbn_at_dk-hostmaster.dk>
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2018 11:21:44 +0000

Dear subscribers.,

Our EPP service specification and EPP service XSD files have been updated.

A bug was located in the EPP XSD files, the relevant updated revision 2.4 can be found at:

- https://github.com/DK-Hostmaster/epp-xsd-files/releases/tag/2.4 <https://github.com/DK-Hostmaster/epp-xsd-files/releases/tag/2.4>

DO NOTE that this change has not been deployed to either the production or sandbox environment at this point, more information on this deployment will follow.

The EPP service specifikation has been updated to revision 2.5 accordingly, the relevant revision can be found at:

- https://github.com/DK-Hostmaster/epp-service-specification/releases/tag/2.5 <https://github.com/DK-Hostmaster/epp-service-specification/releases/tag/2.5>

In addition to the information on the new XSD revision, examples of poll messages in relation to domain create proces and poll have been added as this was requested by a registrar.

Some information on how to see what version of the service is being called has been added. Please see the entry in the supporting Wiki also:

- https://github.com/DK-Hostmaster/epp-service-specification/wiki <https://github.com/DK-Hostmaster/epp-service-specification/wiki>

We are working out a better strategy for outlining in what versions of the service what features are being introduced, since the changes in relation to the new registration flow, becoming operational end of August, have caused some confusion, when they are being outlined in the documentation prior to deployment. We are working on streamlining this information flow, but for now please use the version/revision matrix available on the Wiki for now and contact us at tech_at_dk-hostmaster.dk <mailto:tech_at_dk-hostmaster.dk> if you have any questions or require additional clarification.

Have a nice day,

Med venlig hilsen,

Jonas B. Nielsen
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