Domain create simulation on EPP sandbox

From: Nikolaj Ravn Hansen <>
Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2018 10:25:28 +0000

Dear subscribers

In preparation for the go-live of our new registration flow, we have now activated simulation of domain creation within our EPP sandbox environment available at

This means that received domain applications are now being processed every minute and placed in the appropriate state based on the presence of the order confirmation token as well as the identification control status of the registrant used. E.g. when using and already validated registrant combined with a valid order token value, domains will get the "active" status straight away. Also poll messages should reflect the process.

See more regarding both the order confirmation token here:

General information regarding our new flows are available here:

Furthermore, the DAS sandbox environment now reflects these domain statuses as well.

As a security measurement, the above mentioned process does not issue any kind of email communication, so that the risk of sending sandbox related information to real customers are eliminated.

Kind regards

Nikolaj Ravn Hansen
Head of Development
DK Hostmaster A/S
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