Update to EPP service and service specification

From: Jonas Brømsø Nielsen <jonasbn_at_dk-hostmaster.dk>
Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2018 14:05:17 +0000

Dear subscribers,

In conjunction with the upcoming “New Registration” flow, we have extended the EPP service to support the case where, the application awaits the agreement to the terms and conditions by the registrant.

This is indicated by the new status: enqueued. This new status is currently only available for the check domain command. A domain with the status enqueued is awaiting processing and is marked as not available.

The update to the EPP service specification describing this is available at:


In addition to the new status indication, we have cleaned the check domain response, so only the reason field is populated. This mean that the extension dkhm::domainAdvisory is no longer used for this response, this simplifies the implementation from up to 3 status indicators to 2, meaning an improvement to adhering to the EPP standard specification. The use of the dkhm::domainAdvisory extension was only used for domain names made available for registration for waiting list, this is communicated via the reason field now as made possible as described in RFC:5731, ref: https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc5731#page-9

Do note that the described changes have NOT been made available in the EPP sandbox with the update announced yesterday, but will be made available shortly.

For more information regarding the new flows please see the implementation guide:


Based on feedback from several registrars and clients we have implemented a silencing of the e-mails related to change of billing contacts for registrars. So when registrars change the billing contact emails are not sent to the users. We are still evaluating this practice. The same implementation will be made available in the registrar and self-service portals.

Do note that the described change have NOT been made available in the EPP sandbox with the update announced yesterday, but will be made available shortly.

A brief description proposal for the EPP service specification is available in a draft.


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