EPP sandbox updated to release 3.0.0

From: Jonas Brømsø <jonasbn_at_dk-hostmaster.dk>
Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2019 08:08:24 +0000

Dear Subscribers,

I am happy to inform you that we have updated the EPP sandbox to release 3.0.0.

This release has been a long time underway and we have just successfully concluded a penetration test and a friendly user test (FUT), so now we can make the release public available.

The release is primarily a large maintenance release, it does however address some serious issues.

- The EPP application is no longer relying on Apache and mod_epp
- Some registrars have experienced connection issues, these have been addressed in this release of the EPP system
- In addition a bug in the password handling has been fixed and a minor issue in the contact creation with the letter ‘Ø’ has been addressed

A lot of the internals in the service has been changed, if you experience any issues or observe anything unexpected please let us know.

The feedback we have gathered from the penetration test and FUT have been evaluated and was prioritised as non-blocking for deployment. We are now working on further qualifying what has been reported and this will be addressed separately.

We will update the production environment to release 3.0.0 in a few weeks, more information will follow. With this update we plan to support two interfaces for EPP.:

1 The legacy interface based on Apache and mod_epp
2 One based on our new EPP load-balancer

Both are integrated with the same application server, which is will be EPP 3.0.0. The legacy interface will eventually be decommissioned.

Have a nice day,

Med venlig hilsen,

Jonas Brømsø
Product Manager


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