EPP release 3.2.0 and EPP service specification revision 3.1

From: Jonas Brømsø <jonasbn_at_dk-hostmaster.dk>
Date: Tue, 7 May 2019 12:51:54 +0000

Dear EPP users,

The release information for the latest updates to the EPP service unfortunately lacked some important information on the contents of the release.

Today I have updated the EPP service specification to revision 3.1 recapping these changes.

- Ref: EPP Service Specification: https://github.com/DK-Hostmaster/epp-service-specification

With release 3.2.0, which is currently available in both production and sandbox:

Ref: EPP Service Specification Wiki: https://github.com/DK-Hostmaster/epp-service-specification/wiki.

The documentation has been updated with the following:

• Update to info domain extended with registrant validation status
• Update to info contact extended with e-mail address for the contact object, where applicable
• Update to info domain extended with DNSSEC information
• Update to create contact more strict handling of VAT numbers, see table specifying the use of the field in: CVR / Vat Number Indication
• Update to update domain documentation on deletion and addition of DNSSEC records

At the same time several spelling and grammatical errors has been corrected. Some detail information in on the changes from the previous revision: 3.0 was also added.

In order to the information announced with the updates to the EPP service over Easter the following additions require a mention:

- info domain has been extended with information on DNSSEC
- update domain has been extended with proper facilities to update DNSSEC, meaning DSRECORDS can be added and deleted
- create contact has had a bug fix applied, which corrects the handling of VAT Numbers, this streamlining of the rules has been added to the documentation

Those of the changes, which originate from the public road map, will of course be updated there so you can follow the changes.

- Ref: Public Roadmap_ https://github.com/DK-Hostmaster/Roadmap/projects/1?fullscreen=true

Parts of the specification require additional specification and diagrams and these will follow ASAP.

I am sorry about the hectic release schedule resulting lacking announcements and a feature and documentation gap.

If you have any questions or comments to the documentation, please write to us at: tech_at_dk-hostmaster.dk<mailto:tech_at_dk-hostmaster.dk>

Med venlig hilsen,

Jonas Brømsø
Product Manager


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