Announcing the RFCs for the upcoming changes for the registrar services

From: Jonas Brømsø <>
Date: Wed, 26 Aug 2020 09:30:28 +0000

Dear Subscribers,

With the introduction of the new collaboration model between registrars and DK Hostmaster, we are implementing supportive features in our portals.

More information is available at the website:

Proposals on Github

We have outlined proposals for the identified changes influencing primarily the DK Hostmaster EPP service and the registrar service.

The specifications are focused on specific topics and more will be added if necessary. The currently available proposals are aimed at:

· Covering the management of the domain names and users upon creation and the choice of managing arrangement (registrant or registrar management) and the setting of a registrar default.

· Covering the new feature of domain deletion for domain names under registrar management and the option of setting a date for the request.

· Covering transfer of domain names between registrars (and from DK Hostmaster) and the use of AuthInfo for this part. In addition a withdraw command for transferring a domain name from the registrar to DK Hostmaster is included in this RFC (registrar transfer).

· Covering automatic renewal/expiration of domain names and the setting of a registrar default.

We have aimed to keep the implementation to adhere to the EPP standard and the extensions to a minimum, based on sane defaults. We do however want our EPP service to offer flexibility towards the users so more use-cases and business models can be accommodated via a general protocol and service.

We expect the proposals to be available in our test environment September 23, 2020.

Please send questions and feedback either via:

· Our mailing list: tech-discuss by subscribing to the mailing list,<>

· Or by mailing our product manager, Jonas Brømsø at:<>

Best regards,

DK Hostmaster


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