Draft for EPP service specification 4.0 update

From: Jonas Brømsø <jonasbn_at_dk-hostmaster.dk>
Date: Thu, 8 Apr 2021 09:04:59 +0000

Hello All,

The draft for the EPP service specification 4.0 has been updated with the latest addition of the dkhm:management extension introduced with the 4.3 version of our EPP XSD.

The specification has been available as a draft and consolidates the contents of the RFCs

Draft specification: https://github.com/DK-Hostmaster/epp-service-specification/tree/streamline


  * https://github.com/DK-Hostmaster/DKHM-RFC-CLID
  * https://github.com/DK-Hostmaster/DKHM-RFC-Prepaid
  * https://github.com/DK-Hostmaster/DKHM-RFC-Transfer
  * https://github.com/DK-Hostmaster/DKHM-RFC-Delete-Domain
  * https://github.com/DK-Hostmaster/DKHM-RFC-Waiting_list
  * https://github.com/DK-Hostmaster/DKHM-RFC-AutoRenew
  * https://github.com/DK-Hostmaster/DKHM-RFC-Restore
  * https://github.com/DK-Hostmaster/DKHM-RFC-AuthInfo

This means that the RFCs will now be archived an no longer updated, all updates will be made to the specification.

The specification is being regarded as frozen, with the reservation of updates being made for the following:

  * Clarifications
  * Missing descriptions (clarifications)
  * Missing examples
  * Corrections to spelling and grammar
  * Corrections to errors

The central specification has been updated with the contents of the draft and will be updated as described above.

  * Specification: https://github.com/DK-Hostmaster/epp-service-specification

The update consist of:

  * Introduction of support for registrar/registrant administration
  * The procedures for renewal and application/creation are not being changed, in regard to use and protocol, however
     * The business policies in relation to these operations, do however change, since the billing operation changes, please see the create domain<https://github.com/DK-Hostmaster/epp-service-specification#create-domain> and renew domain<https://github.com/DK-Hostmaster/epp-service-specification#renew-domain> commands
     * The introduction of registrar support influences the business rules for create domain<https://github.com/DK-Hostmaster/epp-service-specification#create-domain>
  * Added information on setting/unsetting autorizations using AuthInfo tokens, see setting AuthInfo<https://github.com/DK-Hostmaster/epp-service-specification#setting-AuthInfo> and unsetting AuthInfo<https://github.com/DK-Hostmaster/epp-service-specification#unsetting-AuthInfo>
  * Added information on dkhm:management extension for create domain](#create-domain) and create contact<https://github.com/DK-Hostmaster/epp-service-specification#create-contact>, which overrides account default
  * Added description of new and improved change name server process, both using authorisation and under registrar administration
  * Added documentation on the extension to info domain<https://github.com/DK-Hostmaster/epp-service-specification#info-domain> with information on the AuthInfo expiration date using the dkhm::authInfoExDate extension
  * Added description of the changed create contact<https://github.com/DK-Hostmaster/epp-service-specification#create-contact> process, handling registrar administration
  * Introduction of support for delete domain<https://github.com/DK-Hostmaster/epp-service-specification#delete-domain> command
  * Introduction of support for restore domain<https://github.com/DK-Hostmaster/epp-service-specification#restore-domain> via update domain<https://github.com/DK-Hostmaster/epp-service-specification#update-domain> command
  * Introduction of support for balance<https://github.com/DK-Hostmaster/epp-service-specification#balance-and-prepaid-account> command
  * Introduction of support for transfer domain<https://github.com/DK-Hostmaster/epp-service-specification#transfer-domain> command
  * Added clarifications on status codes for domains, contacts and hosts
  * Removed XSD Version History, referencing original source in EPP XSD repository<https://github.com/DK-Hostmaster/epp-xsd-files>, so there is a single source for this information
  * This version of the specification is based on the DK Hostmaster EPP XSD version 4.3
  * Addition of disclaimer, setting the scope and frame for this specification

Any significant updates will be announced separately.

The draft version will be kept since the URL has been distributed widely, so both resources will be updated and kept in sync.

Do note that the specification does no longer describe the production environment, the current production environment is described in version 3.9 available here:

  * https://github.com/DK-Hostmaster/epp-service-specification/releases/tag/3.9

Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback to the specification.

Med venlig hilsen / Best regards

Jonas Brømsø
Product Manager


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